How to Design your Website to Boost your AdSense Earnings

There are copious e-books as well as membership websites that teach how to earn money with Google AdSense. Anyways, I have read and joined many of them. Hence, I am able to know which one works and which one does not work.

AdSense is, simply, a tool for Google advertising, and it is pasted on your website. The ads being displayed on the site are determined by your contents, that is, the text on your site. If you have articles on a particular affiiate marketing, this would mean that the ads that will be displayed on your site will all be related to that topic, “Affiiate marketing”.

The pages of your website should contain keywords that are related to affiiate marketing such as email marketing, AdSense, traffic, e-book and so on.

As a result of this, your site visitors may click on the ads since they are interested in them.

Therefore, the very first thing required of every website to generate revenue with Google AdSense is what is called, “Contents”.

There are three ways through which you can get contents for your site. They are:

  1. By writing the contents yourself
  2. By outsourcing, that is, paying a freelance writer to write for you.
  3. By buying public label resale articles known as PLR articles and repurpose the contents.

Out of the three ways stated above, the one that is the easiest is the 3rd one which is buying PLR articles and edit the words by yourself.

With the public label resale articles, you can do what thing so ever that you like with the articles. You can even add your name to them to indicate that you are the author of the articles. Note that there are different places on the internet where you can order these PLR articles. Normally, they are sold in batches that are related to a particular topic.

Another great alternative is to buy websites having PLR articles but, it would be dangerous to a website with PLR articles and put in, directly, on the web, as there would be many competitors with the same site, as a result of which search engines will ban you for reasons of duplicate contents. You will get no search engines traffic. Hence, you may not get clicks on your website.

The normal thing you should do is to repurpose the PLR articles before publishing them on your site. This will make them unique, original and highly valuable. If you ensure this, your pages will all be indexed by search engines, and your website will be listed under different keywords depending on the type of contents on your website.

What you must do next is to make a good-looking design for your website, which will contain all your own articles. If you can not design for yourself, you can buy a web template.

Please do ensure that your website design or layout allows ads to stand out on your site, so that the ads seem to be part of your site because, people do not always like to click on ads.

Having repurposed your PLR articles, submit them to articles directories. There people will read them and visit your site.

These are what you need to build a website that can allow you to make money on autopilot.

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