Best Ways You Can Maximize Your Earnings with AdSense

All webmasters know, quite well, that with Google AdSense, they can be generating an appreciable amount of advertising income. And this is the reason many of them make use of it to pursue high paying keywords. They are in possession of the lists that show them what the keywords are, and they have employed all means to identify them. In spite of all this effort, the amount of money being expected to roll in is not coming in.

Where are they getting it wrong?

Creating pages with good keywords is one thing, while driving traffic to those pages is, indeed, another thing. Even this is the factor that is most responsible.

However, to get traffic to your pages having high paying keywords, you would need to optimize your website navigation.

Consider, carefully, how visitors are using your website. After a visitor has visited a page,he or she has the tendency to click on another page that looks very interesting to them. These visitors get there, simply, because of the link that shows up on a page which they initially visited. This is called “Site navigation”. It allows your site visitors to move about your site. And this is one way to maximize your Google AdSense earnings.

A standard website will have menu links on each of the pages. And the wording on these links is what attracts the visitors to click on one link that will usher them to another page of that site. Notice that links having words like “free” or “download” always have capability to grab attention.

This navigation knowledge can, also, be used to drive traffic to your high paying pages. There are very many websites getting a boatload of traffic from search engines but, having low earnings. The method is using labelled links to get the visitors off that pages and navigate these visitors to the higher earning pages. This is a fantastic way of turning real cheap clicks to real dollars.

Before you start testing if this same method will work for you and your website, you must select few of your pages that are frequently visited. This ensures quick result.

Now the next step of action is to work on how to get those who will visit your site and view and click on the links that will direct them to your high earning pages. Make sure the links are catchy and unique. Think of what people do not commonly see.

Also, do use graphics to get the attention of your readers. Knowing that there is no limitation to what you can do in order to make your links noticeable. As a website owner, if you want your site to succeed well, you should be able to give it whatever it will take to achieve that goal. There is not any written or unwritten law to follow as regards what you write as an AdSense advertiser, in as much as you do not violate the guidelines of the search engines.

Also take note that it is all about location. Once your description is catchy, you have to locate the good spot to place that descriptive link to your high paying pages.

You can also visit other people’s websites to confirm how they are, really, maximizing their website navigation.

Another method to do this is, simply, by using different texts on different pages. As a result of this, you will know the one that works and the one that does not work. Place the links in top and at another time, place them on the bottom too. By doing this, you will be able to know which one that gets clicks the one that is being ignored.

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