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We are a team of people who are very passionate about business and personal finance. Some of us have worked at different microfinance banks while others are self-employed.

We work with fantastic writers and experts, among whom is Taiwo G.O, a graduate of Banking & Finance at a highly reputable institution with professional qualification in Management.

This site was designed to inform and educate everyone, across the globe, on the aspects of loans, business and finance. It is a top-notch informative online business and finance medium.

We consider the needs , passions and curiosity of our readers in all of our posts. If something matters to our readers, it matters to us,too, and we focus on serving a diverse audience with verified and undiluted business and finance reports that matter to them.

We endeavour to be accurate, transparent and thorough in our publications.

We are non-partisan at Guard Media News. We always aim to transmit the full story without any influence from financial or advertisers’ interests.

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